At the age of 18 Boba Fett has chosen to leave the planet Bogden after being trained by his father's holocubes and various friends of Jango. After hearing rumors of a new breed of Clonetroopers being created, Boba decides to take matters into his own hands.

Self-proclaiming himself Emperor of the new Galactic Empire, Palpatine has plans to create a new batch of Clone Troopers. The notorious Stormtrooper army has begun and the order has been placed with the mysterious cloners on Kamino.

An old friend of Jango Fett, Ovon Thune is indebted to help orphaned Boba complete his training as the galaxies newest bounty hunter. As a bounty hunter himself he has much to offer the young Boba Fett and help him to live up to his father's name.

Home to the mysterious
cloning factories of the Clone Troopers.

Hidden planet, where Boba Fett has completed his training.




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